For All Friends of Ed:

The sudden loss of our friend Ed, took us all by surprise.  Each of us saw Ed as a very special person.  We enjoyed his presence and his ever stimulating conversations. 

Please feel free to use this site to express your special thoughts and memories about our friend Ed Beckman.


About a friend

A memorial site dedicated to our departed friend Ed Beckman, created by Friends of Ed.
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14 Responses to For All Friends of Ed:

  1. Aris Driz says:

    I am saddened to hear of Ed’s sudden passing. It was a privilege to have worked with Ed. I just wish I had gotten to know him better. What I do know is that he was a movie aficionado and history buff. I once lent him a DVD set with newsreels of 20th century events, and he seemed to enjoy it quite a bit. He was always reliable, punctual, and pleasant, and I frequently saw him taking a moment to chat with folks when doing his rounds. He was always helpful when I had a question, which was often. With his rich bass voice, I always thought he should consider doing commercials and voice-overs, and I told him so, but I don’t think he went for the idea. Ed, I’m glad to have known you. You touched many lives and will be missed by many.

  2. Denise says:

    Who else but Ed would sing “Oh Denise Doobie Doo” when delivering my mail? And give me such great suggestions on where to find the best Mexican food and exactly what dish to order? Loved our chats. He had a great sense of humor too. Sure am going to miss you Ed.

  3. Leslie Kunzler Katolick says:

    Ed was my best friend! We met when we were 17, still children in many ways, and we grew up together and grew old together. We were born in the same hospital 2 months to the day apart and moved to California together. We laughed and cried together over so many things that happened to us and people we knew. He had such a big heart and loved so deeply; not a mean bone in his body. His passing has left a huge hole in my life and my heart. I imagine him on the other side playing with his beloved Gilda and Shep which gladdens me so.

    I will miss you so much, old friend! I expect you to be the first in line to greet me when I walk through the tunnel into the white light.

    I love you.

  4. david castle says:

    Ed and I Loved discussing politics and Reggee. We had the same views and we loved Bob Marley,Eeka Mouse,Thrid World and many other bands.Ed always taught me about Gems and Watches. He would buy himself a watch for his birthday and his watches were amazing and interesting. Ed could tell you the name of any flower and always was willing to teach people about arrangements. I will miss his kindness. The world is a better place becasue of Ed. He would always speak French to me and i would have no idea what he was saying. We would always laugh about that. What I will miss the most about Ed is his abitity to make other people smile. Ed was one in a billion. I was blessed to have known someon like Ed and I will always remember him.

  5. Jaime Garcia says:

    I loved chatting with Ed about poltics and movies, and life in general. He was so fun to talk to and knew so much about everything. I am so sad to think I will never hear his mail delivery cart coming around the corner and see his smiling friendly face. I will miss him dearly.

  6. Rosa Renteria says:

    Ed took his job serious,he made sure his girls ( secretaries) would get all the mail on time. He would alway’s have fun talking about what a good time him and Becky had on there ventours trying out new restaurants, his favoraite was mexican food. I will be miss him.
    Ed I will miss your last call.

  7. Kathi Carcella says:

    I miss Ed SO MUCH. We often took our breaks together. I feel lost. Ed loved his gem stones and even helped me pick out my ring. And who could tell you about every movie – Ed. He had such great love and passion in everything he did. I’ll take in a movie and have sushi on your behalf. Good bye great friend.

  8. Vicki says:

    Ed loved precious stones and jewelry and always commented on mine. He could tell you the names of unusual stones. So he became my source for confirming some of the pieces I wore. I’ll miss him.

  9. Maddie (the plant lady) says:

    I will miss talking to Ed about plants. He was so knowledgeable. What a warm and caring guy. He was really special and easy to talk to. “Good gardening” to you on the other side. I am thankful that I got to know you.

  10. Tom Sidock says:

    It hasn’t stopped, someone walks by my cubicle, I look up — darn, it’s not Ed.

    Some people become constants, and are taken for granted, some like Ed, become icons, institutions of daily corporate life.

    I too thought Ed had a great voice for radio. Ed did not not realize it, and he surely would deny it, but Ed affected people. He caused change, Ed changed the way we looked at things. Ed was extremely articulate and very well read. Ed is proof that it is not a good idea to underestimate people, for all his efforts to disguise the fact, Ed was pure class. Always a gracious gentleman. His affinity for analyzing information, whether it be the latest political mess, or fact checking the History Channel was mind boggling. He would never argue if he disagreed, he would just look down, shake his head and repeat your name 3 times. But that was powerful, I can tell you that many times, that’s all it took to change my thinking!

    Most of all, it seemed that Ed loved movies, He could always find one more great movie to watch and tell us all about the next day.

    Ed didn’t do Twitter or Facebook or for that matter, much else that required a computer, for Ed didn’t own one. But a few weeks ago, Ed asked me to help him get on the Internet at home, of course, with restraint, he just wanted to do some basic things, like research and YouTube and maybe watch some movies… That day, unfortunately, never came.

    Ed, I am glad that I knew you, I am glad that we had some time to discuss things, and i know that wherever you are, you will be a positive light for others to see by. I will miss you and the unique way you lived your life, very much.

    Goodbye Sir!

  11. Ginger says:

    What a privilege to have worked with someone so interesting, knowleldgeable, and full of amazing stories about anything and everything. I will truly miss my week-day conversations with Ed and the fascinating things about him. I will forever appreciate his great recommendations for programs and movies. I regret that I had not yet watched Avatar or the John Adams series to be able to discuss them with Ed. Rest in peace Ed!

  12. Dan Bell says:

    Ed your presence here is missed. Your friendly demeanor and ability to put all at ease was an asset to all. I will miss your movie recommendations and our conversations. As long as there is someone here who remembers, you will live on in spirit. Goodbye friend.

  13. vivian says:

    Well I don’t know where to start. Ed was a very great dear friend to me. He never judge me or for that matter he never judged people in life. I was very much so in shock when I heard of his passing. I was at home that day and could not believe he was gone when I got the call. I was in shock all day and could not stop crying. And the next day was the hardest when I had to walk through those doors at work and not see him standing at the corner by his cart eating his chips and coffee. Then having to do his rounds was a killer for me. Knowing that I had to go out on the floors and see all the secretaries one by one and cry with them. It must taken me about 45 minutes to do both the floors that day. Until this day I walk in the door hoping and wishing he was just on vacation. Ed was a very knowledgeable, funny, loving, caring, had a big heart. He always gave me great advice and he always was concerned and my well being. Ed you will be missed dearly my friend and I know that you are in good hands with the lord and your dog Gilda. U will forever be in my heart…

  14. Annette says:

    Today is the day we remember you Ed. You were so glad to see me back and able to sign for any package you dropped off. Thanks for telling me that my sago plant wasn’t going to make it and that Plastic was the only way to go in the office. That’s when I went and got metal flowers. Had a great time with you & becky tasting Egg Foo Young, Phil’s BBQ and those Fish & Chips. We all miss you so…

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