I don’t know if many of you will remember Readers Digest, but in each issue there was always an essay on “My most unforgettable Character”.  We all have them, they almost always inspire us and the character almost always has no idea about their impact on another person.

For myself, and many of the people I have talked to, that character would be Ed.  This site is the creation of several people who waited every day for that chance to share stories with Ed.  It is our hope that you will be gracious enough to share your Ed stories on this site.   It’s easy to do, all you need  to do is click on the Comment link on the main page, leave you name and email address and then tell your own Ed story.

There is a ‘Register’ link and that is an option for those of you with a desire to contribute over time to this site.  Basically, this allows you make additional posts that would be able to have their own comments.. The register link requires that you set up a WordPress blog.  Not a bad thing, but you are under no obligation to use your blog.  After that, you will have the ability to contribute a post two to the Ed Beckman Memorial website.  Like I said, it’s an option, as simple comments are fine.

Also:  There are Facebook and Twitter social links. please use them to help spread the word.  They look loke this:

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